The Illustrations of Illulina

Melina – or Illulina, as she is known online, describes herself as a ‘tea drinker, woodland dweller and illustrator.’ I’ve been a fan of her work on Instagram for a long time, falling in love with her colours and texturess. I caught up with her to discuss her workspace, how she is influenced by the natural world and why illustration has always been her passion.

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New Painting: 'Meditation'

Meditation was a return to the beginning of my painting journey. I made a similar piece in 2013 and decided to re-make it and see how my style has changed. It was encouraging to see the improvement that just a few years can make.

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ArtworkHannah Rose Shaw
My Painting Warm-Up

I've gotten into the habit of doing a warm-up before I start painting. It's a chance for me to get a little bit of extra practice in, decide what colours I want to use, and be a little bit playful before starting on the real piece.

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