Travel to Snowdonia

At the beginning of October I travelled to Snowdonia, Wales. I’ve never been anywhere with such sweeping countryside and dramatic mountain scenery.


I loved that there is water everywhere you go. You will always be close to a river, lake or the ocean. The lake I stayed by was stunning. It’s called Lake Bala, and in the mornings it was magical. It’s a wild swimming location, so you can go whenever you like. Everyone is the area seemed to own a boat, kayak or paddle board, and dropped in and out of the lake during the day.


I got up early in the mornings to go for a swim and a few kayaking sessions, and the way the sky reflected on the lake was incredible. The water was so still, everything reflected right back in the most dreamy way. It was really clear too - you could look down into the water and see tiny fish swimming about.


There are some really interesting legends surrounding the lake that captured my imagination. A monster called the ‘Tegi’ is said to been seen swimming in the lake on moonlit nights. Supposedly, vengeance was taken on a mean prince called Tegid Foel when his castle was drowned, sinking completely beneath the water. It is said that the remains of the old kingdom can still be seen in Lake Bala. There’s definitely an air of magic about the place, as well as beauty. I am sure that many of the stories I heard will be making their way into my sketchbook.

Much love,

Hannah ✨

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