Brighton Illustration Fair 2018


Brighton Illustration Fair

Last weekend I visited the Brighton Illustration Fair for the third time in a row. I’ve been visiting since year 1 and it’s so great to see the event grow. It’s held annually in venues across Brighton, most recently in the Sallis Benney Theatre.

This years programme art was created by Ryan Gillett, a full-time illustrator based in Brighton. If you don’t know Brighton, it’s a pretty creative area on the South Coast of the UK. Several illustrators at the fair were Brighton-based, including Joe Todd Stanton and Pippa Toole.

The fair seems to grow each year. This time, it filled three halls with displays, stalls, workshops and talks. There was so much to see that I ended up walking around each room at least twice. It was really hard to choose which illustrations I wanted to buy, but I came away with a handful of gorgeous prints and cards ranging from £2.50-£10.00. There was also a selection of ceramics, stickers, stationary and books. I recommend taking cash because not all illustrators had card readers, and it would be a shame to miss out. It’s an amazing opportunity to support independent creatives and their work, which I think is really important.


A few shoutouts to some of the artists I purchased from:

  • Nikoo Bafti, whose work I discovered at the fair last year and have loved ever since. She’s an Iranian artist who explores depictions of deities, spirits and magic.

  • Olivia Waller, who I recognised as the designer one of the Viva Brighton covers. She combines drawing and printmaking in a celebration of women. I wanted to purchase second card from her, but unfortunately I had run out of cash by that point!

  • Maya Doyle, another Brighton based artist, whose work was completely new to me. Her work is really fun and vibrant.

It was a lovely day and I’m really looking forward to next year and getting to celebrate the work of local creatives all over again.

Much love,

Hannah ✨

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