Rewilding: The Process

Before I go ahead and discuss the ideas and inspirations for my newest painting, Rewilding, take a look at my video on Youtube so you can see my full painting process from start to finish. 

To begin with, this painting was an experiment. Usually, I have a very strong idea in my mind of the outcome of a painting. This time, I wanted to make something without pre-planning. My only plan was to put pencil to paper and see what happened. 

Like most creatives I am a perfectionist, but sometimes perfectionism can really limit your work. I find that if I worry too much about a painting looking exactly like how I imagine, I loose a lot of spontaneity and fluidity, and my work looks very rigid. Even worse, I sometimes don't finish a painting at all, believing that it's just not good enough. 

In this piece I left in the rough pencil lines that I would normally erase. I found that I actually really liked them, the flowing lines add a lovely sense of movement to the portrait. 

I’ve been inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés’s Women Who Run with the Wolves. Estés talks about how a creative inner world needs to be fed. My work often comes back to the theme of inner lives and bringing together of the ordinary and the extraordinary, the external and the internal.

I have been using my 24 pan Pebeo paint palette, which I really love for the vibrancy and warmth of the colours. I will be writing a full product review soon, but if you would like to try them for yourself, you can find them on Amazon here

This was a really fun to piece to make and I really enjoyed the process. I invite you to a challenge: find a pencil, a pen or a brush and a set of paints, and start making. It doesn’t matter what it is or how you do it, just enjoy the process.

Much love,

Hannah ✨

The free mockup featured in the thumbnail image and in image 1 above was created by Anthony Boyd, and can be found at

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The mockup featured was created by Anthony Boyd and can be found  here.

The mockup featured was created by Anthony Boyd and can be found here.