Winsor & Newton's Professional Water Colour tubes

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Winsor & Newton are a staple in my collection of art supplies. I always love them for their quality and vibrancy. This review is of the Professional Water Colour range. I purchased four of my favourite colours to test: Cerulean Blue*, Cobalt Turquoise*, Quinacridone Red and Rose Madder* in 5ml tubes. 

The Professional Water Colour line comes in 96 colours. 76 are single pigment. They are available in 5ml tubes,* 37ml tubes, sticks*, compact paint sets*, half pans and watercolour markers*.

93 out of the 96 colours in this range are classed as permanent for artists' use and are rated AA or A for archival permanence, which means that the vibrancy of the colours will not fade over time. 

Compared with other brands, Winsor and Newton's colours are really intense, which makes them perfect for me (click here to view their colour chart). Pigment load is up there with the best. I particularly love the Cobalt Turquoise. It is so strong and bright and really draws the eye. The quality stands out in every piece I use it in. I've also heard that Winsor and Newton's Cerulean Blue is better than from other brands, but I am yet to try any others for myself. The colours have beautiful transparency, and can be moved around a lot when used wet-on-wet, as well as easily lifted from the paper. 

The 5ml tubes are quite small but seem to be long lasting. I've been using mine for a couple of months and still haven't used even half of a tube. The paints are so pigmented you only need to use small amounts at a time. The screw caps can be quite fiddly and do stick occasionally, so you might need to use something to help you unscrew them. An issue for some artists would be the difficulties in transferring these paints to their own palettes. Once squeezed from the tube these paints do not re-activate easily, and while usable they will not be as vivid as before. Stick to a different brand if you would like to use your own palette. 

I find it hard to go wrong with this brand. The pigments are beautiful, transparent, and vivid. They are quite expensive, and while it is worth paying for the quality, if you are on a budget or are just starting out I recommend taking a look at a few other brands like Holbein or Schmincke. However, Windsor and Newton is one of the most popular and well-documented brands out there, which means you can be really informed before you invest in them. Below is a look at the test painting made with these paints.

Much love,

Hannah ✨