New Painting: 'Meditation'

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Meditation was a return to the beginning of my painting journey. I made a similar piece in 2013 and decided to re-make it and see how my style has changed. It was encouraging to see the improvement that just a few years can make. A little practice goes a long way! My style has really developed and refined.

I wanted to capture a sense of calm, one of those moments where you stop to clear your head, take a breath, before moving on with you day.

I started with a pencil sketch, creating strong, rough lines that I lightly filled in with watercolour. I used a warm yellow tone for highlights, filling the skin and hair with turquoise and the shadows in purple. I enjoyed altering my usual colour scheme and adding the brighter yellow and green tones.

At the moment I am using my 24 pan Pebeo watercolours* on A4 300 GSM Daler Rowney watercolour paper*. The Pebeo paints are light and merge beautifully, but can also create really bold, contrasting tones. I haven’t experimented with this watercolour paper too much yet, but so far it seems thick and high quality.

A4 prints of Meditation are available to purchase from my Etsy store.

Much love,

Hannah ✨

ArtworkHannah Rose Shaw