Welcome to my Studio

Welcome to my Studio

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Welcome to my studio! This week I posted a studio tour on my YouTube Channel. It’s the first time I’ve shown my work space, so I've been really excited to share it!

I’m planning to move later this year, so I’ve have been organising and packing away a lot of my things. While re-organising I thought it would be a good time to re-vamp my studio space.

So I made made a lot more space for materials, organised them a lot more efficiently, and set-up a filming area. I have one table with my materials laid out and a table next to it where I work. I can reach whatever I need, and also have a nice clean space. I have a super bright LED light on this table and my tripod stands on the floor next to it, so it doubles up as a filming area. I always find it challenging to find time to film, because it means making room and setting up equipment, but having a space where it’s ready to go make the process so much easier.

I’m making art a daily practice, so every morning I up with my paints out and my camera on. Having the space and time to paint everyday is making such a huge difference to my work. If you do any kind of creative work, having space to work and an organised studio set-up is so important. Space, time, and organisation are all obstacles that can get in the way of having a regular creative practice, and carving out a space just for your work can really help remove those creative blocks. It’s doesn’t have to be huge; my space is a 6x4 ft table.

What do I recommend?

  1. Table

    Find yourself a large table (6ft) that you can work from. If you don’t have this much space, try an L-shaped desk that has a lot of surface space but can be tucked neatly into a corner.

  2. Storage boxes

    Keep everything organise with storage boxes. I have a really cheap set of plastic drawers that are really useful. They’re compact, affordable and easy to clean, so I don’t need to worry about paint spills.

  3. Lighting

    Good lighting is really important. It will help you work but it’s also great for creating clear, detailed videos and photographs of your work.

  4. A an overhead tripod

    I love my overhead tripod! I always paint with my paper laying flat, so filming my work would be impossible without it. It was quite hard to find, I actually picked mine up in a local camera store. It was about £90 so on the more pricey end, but it’s really been invaluable. It folds up so you can always put it away and store it in a corner when you aren’t using it.

  5. Books and magazines

    Not a necessity, but I really like having a stack of reading material beside me when I’m creating. They’re nice for those little moments where you need a little bit of inspiration. Sometimes all you need is a look through Oh Comely to pick you up again.

Materials I mentioned in the studio tour:

Winsor and Newton palette*

Faber-Castell Studio Quality Pencils*

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