How To: Make a Wire Wrapped Ring


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Making jewellery is one of my favourite hobbies. I like that it is so customisable. You can choose colours, shapes, sizes, or select gemstones for their meaning or so they match what you're wearing. It's super creative and a simple ring like this can be made with very little practice. Once you get the hang of this, you're on you way to making all kings of wire wrapped jewellery.


Mandrel and ring sizer*

Jewellery making tools*

Silver plated copper wire (0.6mm)*

Turquoise beads (6mm)*

These are the materials that I used in this tutorial, so feel free to use the same products and follow along, but I recommend also trying some different wire gauges and bead varieties, so you can find what works best for you and play around with sizes and colours.

Step 1

Thread your bead and centrally position it on the wire. I'm using a delicate 6mm turquoise bead, but slightly larger beads will work, and of course, go ahead and try out some different stones and colours. The wire is 0.6mm made from silver plated copper, which I recommend for practising with. If I am making a piece to sell, then I will usually opt for 925 Sterling silver wire as it is high quality and long-lasting. 

Step 2

Use your ring sizer to find out your ring size. It will show a number or letter which will correspond to the correct size on your ring mandrel. The ring mandrel is what you will use to create the shape of your ring. Position the centred bead on your ring mandrel at the correct size for your ring. 

Step 3

Now start to wrap your wire around the mandrel. I usually create three bands, one above and one below the bead. Pull the wires as close to the bead as possible and carefully tighten them. You will have two long pieces of wire standing out on either size. 

Step 4 

Take the two long pieces of wire, and using one at a time, begin to wrap the wire around the bead. Keep even tension on both sides so the ring does not become loose. I usually make 3-4 wraps.

Step 5

Now you can take the ring off the mandrel. Hold it carefully so it doesn't bend out of shape. Take one of the wires standing out, bend it down and through the ring band, and wrap it 3-4 times so it is secure. Repeat on the other side, then use your wire cutters to snip the ends. 

Step 5

Use your jewellery tools to make any final adjustments, like filing any rough edges or pressing the ring into shape.

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 15.51.20.png

Step 6

And you're done! Good luck everyone, and have fun creating your own!

Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 15.51.52.png